We label things all day long using powerful screen printing and laser technology. So trust us when we say we know what makes a label look good, and what makes it look not so good.

Create labels that are readable large and small

First, a cosmetics label should be readable. We know how much you love the art you created, but if no one can see what it says, it means nothing. Make sure you create something that can be read if it’s large or small.

Second, a cosmetics label should be unique. Branding is the key here. You want to create labels that when people see them they know they are yours. Here is where a graphic designer will come in handy. You want someone that can help your product stand out in a sea of products.

Lastly, thing simple. Your brand and your website can be as lavish as you want. You can choose sparkly and bold packaging to draw attention to yourself. But if your labels have too many elements in them, it can make them difficult to read and sometimes even look a little messy. Our screen printing services are single-color to ensure the cosmetics label doesn’t distract from the packaging or the design.

Do you have a project you need a label for? We print directly on cosmetics packaging to ensure you get the best quality label solution.

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