The beauty industry is ancient. It isn’t going away anytime soon! Are you in the process of creating a cosmetic product of your own to distribute? We’re here to help you along the way. Branding yourself apart from others is the first step to success. Regardless of what stage you’re in with your product development, our on-site graphic artists & product developers can help. From custom artwork to packaging to prototyping – we understand color and how it projects onto various surfaces. Using unique color schemes will be a big part of taking your products one step further down the road of becoming something that people never forget. Another major aspect of your branding is to print your logo. It sets you apart from others. Not happy with your current logo? Don’t have one yet? Our creations or revisions will make you smile!

print your logo

We have been specialty printing cosmetics and cosmetic packaging for over twenty-five years! We take blank products and make them YOURS. Imagine your brand – imprinted directly onto various products – designed to hit shelves across the country. We can print your logos and any other information on your products. If it’s made of glass, plastic, or metal we can print on it. We specialize in producing various imprinted tubes, containers, jars and anything that serves the purpose of fashionably storing cosmetics. Printing on glossy lipstick tubes are no problem! Send them our way and we will print for your custom cosmetic line. We print your logo on the cases for your eye-shadow, rouge, lip balm and so much more. Some other common items include airless bottles, pumps sprayers, jars, tubes, droppers, and compacts. Our ability to imprint directly onto these items using various technologies is second to none. Send us your packaging, and we will handle the rest.

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